We are delighted to host a retrospective of films from Australia’s most prolific contemporary artist-run film lab, Artist Film Workshop (AFW) presented by lab members Sebastian Vaccaris and Paddy Hay. 

When: Saturday 18th February

Time: Doors open at 7.30pm show starts 8pm

Tickets: $15 on the door and on Eventbrite

Founded in Melbourne in 2009, Artist Film Workshop is an open film collective which provides access to knowledge and resources for filmmakers and artists working in sound and vision with photochemical film. Amongst numerous features, the workshop maintains a darkroom that includes a 16mm contact printer, optical printer with custom-made electronics, 16mm and 8mm cameras, and projectors. Over the past decade or so the group has presented over one hundred 16mm film screenings throughout metropolitan Melbourne. Comprised of recent and brand new work to be screened on 16mm, this program is personally delivered from their voyage North via Canberra’s Hair Antic’s micro-cinema.

Following the screening Paddy and Sebastian will run a Soup-boiler Super 8 workshop on color negative hand processing of super 8 films on Sunday the 19th from 12pm to 5pm.

More info about AFW here: http://www.artistfilmworkshop.org

Book your ticket here on Eventbrite or email Rowena; rowenacrowe@gmail.com


Tickets on the door; $15

The Program

Tiangong-1 – Super 8 to 16mm, 8mins (Paddy Hay & Louis Marlo)

Tiangong-1 is the name of the Chinese space station that crashed to earth on 2 April 2018.

Is Anybody Coming Over To Dinner – 16mm, 9 mins (Audrey Lam)

The adventures of Yokitom around the home and across the seasons, with a supporting cast of family and friends. Commissioned by Prototype and made with the support of City of Melbourne.

Soda – 16mm, 7mins (Hanna Chetwin)

Soda explores the forms and rhythms of bubbles. the film uses cameraless techniques (including scratching and rayogramming) intercut with footage of water in progressive stages of boiling. accompanied by a soundtrack by Rohan Drape.

Fade – 16mm, 6mins (Callum Ross-Thompson)

Found footage taken from a long forgotten, badly scratched and faded 16mm educational film print on volcanoes, superimposed atop recently shot 16mm macro footage of a human skull. The skull is a similarly neglected teaching aid, once used for anatomy classes many decades ago before the use of real human remains in schools became less common in favour of more durable, socially sustainable plastic models

Internal and External Objects – 16mm, 7mins (Giles Fielke)

A solarised text describes objects beyond the frame.

Goldfish Lightbulb – 16mm, 6mins (Richard Munro)

A film focused on two unnamed characters, a boy, and a girl. It is unclear how they may or may not know each other. They go about their own lives each day, seemingly always crossing paths or seeing each other from a distanc

Sensor Lights in Flemington – 16mm, 10mins (Lucas Haynes)

Lights turn on and off in a building in the distance

My Friend Richard – 16mm, 8.40 (Sebastian Vaccaris)

The life and times of artist Richard Ellis.

China Not China – 16mm, 14mins (Dianna Barrie & Richard Tuohy)

Hong Kong marked 20 years since its handover to China; half way through the planned 40 year “one country, two systems” transition. Taiwan, once imperial China, once Formosa, now ROC (Republic of China) on the edge of the PRC (People’s Republic of China). Multiple exposures of street scenes distort space and place creating a fluid sense of impermanence and transition, of two states somewhere between China and not China.