Learn how to shoot & process your own Super 8 color negative film and get great images!

Participants will learn how to use a LOMO processing spiral and temperature control their chemistry using a standard domestic soup boiler.

Our southern friends in film, Artist Film Workshop (AFW) are visiting for a colour workshop. Sebastian and Paddy from AFW will run a part-theory, part-practical workshop on colour film processing. AFW is an artist collective which provides access to knowledge and resources for filmmakers and artists in Melbourne. On Saturday night before they will screen a program of their films. Read more about AFW here: http://www.artistfilmworkshop.org


This workshop will film processing workshop on mixing colour chemicals, as well as using Lomo tanks to process 16mm and Super8 film. 

The workshop will be held from 12pm – 5pm on Sunday 19th of February. The event is limited to 12 people.

Reserve your ticket here by emailing: rowenacrowe@gmail.com or get an eventbrite ticket here:


What we will do:

  • ~ Shoot some Super8 film
  • ~ Load a LOMO tank (similar to a Paterson tank but for Super 8, 8mm and 16mm film processing)
  • ~ Discuss the theory of mixing ECN developer
  • ~ Develop the film we shoot on the day

Theory covered:

  1. ~ How the artist run lab Artist Film Workshop works
  2. ~ Introduction to theory of processing colour film

What is included:

  1. ~ Super8 film to shoot (in pairs)
  2. ~ Super8 camera (we will shoot as a group)
  3. ~ Light meter
  4. ~ Development and fixer chemicals
  5. ~ Equipment for processing (LOMO tank etc)

What to wear:

  1. ~ Closed toe shoes
  2. ~ Regular clothing

Cost: $50 

Address: We are situated in archway 4 facing Jubilee Park Oval (near the Tramsheds food hall) in Glebe. We share the space with Big Fag Press, another artist run initiative you may be familiar with.