“Come celebrate sprockets, bent things, breaking conventions and all things ‘other cinema’ at The Workshop for Potential Cinema.”

Such was the triumphant call out for our only WPC screening event for 2020 held in December. COVID 19 meant much reduced activity at the lab, so we were pleased to be able to hold a celebratory screening of new student work originating (mostly) on 16mm. The students of Sydney College of Arts (SCA) and The University of Wollongong (UOW) were faced with the challenge of learning 16mm techniques over Zoom in their respective experimental cinema classes. The SCA (situated at The University of Sydney) class was run by WPC member Rowena Crowe. The students had 16mm materials mailed to them and weekly Zoom demonstrations of direct cinema techniques as well as group Zoom ‘screenings’. While the rainy night didn’t allow for 16mm projection, being able to come together, and watch the products of our semester in the glow of the digital projector light was magic.

Students also had a chance to check out the gear at the artist run film lab and find out about film processing workshops planned for next year.