A B&W film processing workshop on mixing dry chemicals to make a fixer and developer, as well as an introduction into shooting on a Bolex 16mm camera. The workshop will be held from 2 – 5pm on Sunday 27th of February. The event is limited to 15 people. Reserve your ticket here:


What we will do:

  • ~ Shoot some 16mm film on a Bolex
  • ~ Load a LOMO tank (similar to a Paterson tank but for Super 8, 8mm and 16mm film processing)
  • ~ Make up B&W developer and a fixer solution from our dry chemicals
  • ~ Develop the film we shoot on the day

Theory covered:

  1. ~ How the artist run lab Workshop for Potential Cinema works
  2. ~ Introduction to theory of processing B & W film negative

What is included:

  1. ~ 16mm film to shoot
  2. ~ Bolex camera (we will shoot as a group)
  3. ~ Light meter
  4. ~ Development and fixer chemicals
  5. ~ Equipment for processing (LOMO tank etc)

What to wear:

  1. ~ Closed toe shoes
  2. ~ Regular clothing

Cost: $50 

Address: We are situated in archway 4 facing Jubilee Park Oval (near the Tramsheds food hall) in Glebe. We share the space with Big Fag Press, another artist run initiative you may be familiar with.